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Our main office is in Brevard County, but we can post bonds all over Florida and most of the US (additional fees may vary depending on state).

24/7 Bail Bonds in Cocoa, Florida Criminal Bail Bonds include:

Bonding Process:

Once a person is under arrest it can take several hours for the booking process to be completed before a bail agent can post bond. Once they are booked into the jail we are able to post bond, however it can take anywhere between 2-12 hours for the inmate to be released after bond is posted. The jail does allow the inmate to use the phone an hour or so prior to their release to secure a ride home.

24/7 Bail Bond Services for Cocoa and Anywhere Else!

Here at the Baker Bail Bond agency in Cocoa, we are in the business of letting ordinary people get on with their lives. If someone is accused of an offense, they are often confined in jail until they can either provide the court with a cash sum of their own or engage the services of a bail bond agency such as ourselves.

A bail bond is a simple financial instrument wherein a bail bond company charges a small fee, typically 10% of the total bail being asked, in return for posting the large sum of money which the court would otherwise demand of the defendant. Say the Cocoa municipal court demands $5,000 in bail before they will let an accused person go free until the trial. Most people don't have $5000 lying around-- especially late at night when most people end up needing it.

Rather than calling all their friends and family at 3 in the morning and humiliating yourself, many people prefer to quietly engage a bail bond agent, who will provide the $5000 in bail in return for a non-refundable fee of $500. When the trial is over and the case is closed, the bail bond is returned to the agency which provided it in the first place. Even when they can post the bail themselves, people often prefer using a bail bondsman, since they do not wish to keep such a large sum sitting around in the Cocoa courthouse for months. If you need a bail bond in Cocoa, day or night, give Baker Bail Bonds a call.